What is a Swimming Pool Contractor?


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What is a Swimming Pool Contractor?

“A swimming pool contractor constructs swimming pools, spas or hot tubs, including the installation of solar heating equipment using those trades or skills necessary for such construction” – CSLB.GOV

Pool Contractors are often hired by homeowners to erect pools and spas. They may take on larger contracts with local governments or companies, but most of them work as subcontracted General Construction contractors who have accepted bids that include swimming-pool construction service too! All bidders who are looking to place bids on pool and spa projects in California should have a C-53 license.

The pool installer’s job is a demanding one, but typically their responsibilities include:

  • Design, installation and repair of pools, spas and hot tubs
  • Excavation, plumbing, and pouring concrete
  • Assessing water loss and discoloration
  • Steel placement and bonding
  • Shotcrete placement and curing  
  • Tile work and electrical wiring
  • Decking, scoping and tiling
  • Handling various products including fiberglass, vinyl, and metal
  • Maintaining a safe job site
  • Bidding, site planning, estimation and accounting

The C-53 Swimming Pool Exam

The Exam is broken down into 8 major sections:

  1. Planning and Estimating
  2. Swimming Pool/Spa Construction
  3. Pool/Spa System Installation
  4. Non-concrete and Extra Features
  5. Shell Finishing
  6. Commercial Pools/Spas
  7. Repair, Renovation, Removal and Maintenance
  8. Safety 

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Don’t forget! If you’re ready to get your contractor’s license, it can be hard without the appropriate documentation. Luckily there are some easy ways that will allow anyone with these documents to prove their experience and work ethic! 

  • Tax Returns
  • Check Stubs
  • Contracts
  • Material Order Invoices or Receipts

The California State License Board (CSLB) is a very selective organization that receives thousands of applications per month. If you are one of the applicants who gets reviewed, make sure to submit something in order for them to take notice!

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