What is a structural steel contractor?


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What is a structural steel contractor?

A structural steel contractor fabricates and erects structural steel shapes and plates, of any profile, perimeter or cross-section, that are or may be used as structural members for buildings and structures, including the riveting, welding, rigging and metal roofing systems necessary to perform this work. Do contractors have to be licensed in California?In California, anyone who contracts to perform work on a project that is valued at $500 or more for combined labor and materials costs must hold a current, valid license from CSLB.

C-51 Study Guide

How do I get a C-51 license?

The C-51 structural steel contractor license exam is going to include sections that cover planning and estimating job preparation, shop fabrication, field direction, and safety.

Now as is the case with all California contractor licenses that fall under the C specialty, you’re also going to need to pass the CSLB law and business exam. That’s going to include sections that cover business organization, business finances, employment requirements, bonds, insurance, and liens, contract requirements, and execution licensing requirements. Essentially you have to pass two tests, 115 questions covering law and business, and 115 questions covering structural steel.

It’s going to be multiple choice closed book. You’ll get three hours to complete each section. It’s going to be a computerized exam that you’ll take at ACS lb testing facility. So if you’re applying from out of state, just know that you will need to come to California to physically take the exam.

Now the structural steel specialty portion of your exam is going to be extremely important. You’re going to be tested on a wide range of areas. That will include reviewing plans and specifications, estimating equipment, and material costs, developing drawings, determining placement of material erecting and securing the. California building codes, installing beams and trusses, welding installing high strength, trusses, hoisting, and rigging, operating lift equipment and cranes coordinating with other trades correcting safety hazards.

And then of course, personal protective equipment in general job site safety. Now there’s a lot more, that’s going to be on this exam. This is just kind of a snapshot of the different areas that you’re going to want to be prepared to answer questions. Now the mathematics you’re going to want to be familiar with going into this exam, obviously make sure that you’re tight on your applied math addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, understand how to calculate square footage, and know your units of measurement.

And then of course, job costing typically entails, understanding decimals and percentages. So make sure that you’re able to get through the math related questions. Now preparing for your C-51 license exam, obviously know California law in business. It’s 50% of the exam and there’s a lot of different areas that fall under this category.

Know California health and safety codes, California takes a job site safety worker safety and environmental safety workers’ rights extremely seriously. So it’s going to be a significant portion of your test. Understand your fundamental math skills. As I said before,  be able to get through the math related questions. Know the common equations and formulas have some test taking experience timed exams with flashcards question and answer explanations are extremely helpful.

And then of course, walkthroughs of the exam. With licensed contractors and lawyers that are helping you decipher the language they’ve been through the exam. They understand how to get you through it. And not only what you need to know to pass the test, but how to run a profitable business in California.

All of this is included with our C-51 license course.

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