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New construction homes are a great option, but there are a lot of homebuilders out there; the key is finding the right one. The way to find the right home builder is to ask the right questions.

So what, exactly, are those questions? A recent article from realtor.com outlined the key questions you’ll want to ask when evaluating homebuilders, including:

  • What kind of builder incentives do they offer? Now that home buying has slowed down a bit, many builders are offering incentives in order to sell out their developments — like covering your closing costs, or offering deals on landscaping, for example. Before you settle on a builder, ask what kind of incentives they can offer to help sweeten the deal.
  • What changes can you make to their house plans? If being able to customize your home’s floor plan is a priority, it’s important to ask potential homebuilders if you can make changes to their house plans and, if so, what kind of changes.
  • How long until you can move into one of their properties? Some home builders have properties ready (or almost ready) for move-in, while others are years away from having a property ready for you to settle into. Before you decide on a homebuilder, ask them how soon they would be able to have your home built, and make sure that aligns with when you want/need to be in your new home.
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