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Raising the Bar
We're constantly searching for new content to our study materials. The California Contractors State License Board continues to add new questions to the pool of questions they use for each exam. We search out students who recently have taken the exam and ask for feedback concerning any material not covered in our study material. This new information then is added to our curriculum. We understand the importance of current and up-to-date study materials and we strive to provide that to our customers.
Trade & Law
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You save big when you buy both the complete law program and a complete trade program.

What you get for both law & trade is, Computer Based Testing CDROMS, lectures on DVD & audio CD, practice exam booklets and Study guides.

  • Law & Trade Study Guides
  • Law & Trade Practice Exams
  • Computer Based Testing
  • Lectures on Video -DVD/VHS
  • Lectures on Audio CD